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SEO should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy in 2021 to stand out against your competitors and get your business seen by potential customers. Improving your search engine rankings should also get you real results. Sales and leads that increase your revenue and drive an ROI that makes your business thrive.

At SEO Advantage, our data driven strategies bring you tangible results that help make your goals become a reality. We take care of your SEO so you can focus on growing other areas of your business. Get in touch with us and chat to one of our digital marketing specialists today.

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We don’t hide behind guarantees and false promises. You may have been given false promises from other agencies and instant results that seem too good to be true, and more often than not, they are. An expert team that has your business’s best interest at heart like the team at SEO Advantage provides you with guidance and clarity on your campaign so you can feel confident in your digital marketing partners.

Organic Growth

We stay up to date on best practices and Google updates to give your website the best chance it can to grow your traffic. This translates to our work and beliefs as an agency. We provide natural growth for your business to show search engines that your website is growing with backlinks and on-page changes organically. Some SEO providers operate in a way that can get you unstable rankings or even worse - penalised.

Monthly Reporting

Your dedicated account manager reports to you monthly on your rankings and provides valuable insights on your campaigns and shows you data that actually matters to you and your business. We understand how important it is to be kept in the loop and we want to make sure you are too. Your account manager also communicates to you regularly on updates and any questions we might have.


We’re not a set and forget agency. You shouldn’t be with an agency that doesn’t go the extra mile to improve your campaign and optimise for your needs and business goals. We keep up to date on your campaign with tweaks and improvements and are mindful of Google updates and ranking changes. We communicate with you and report monthly on your campaign and any website changes that we’ve made for the month.

Results Driven

An effective SEO strategy can’t be implemented with only one approach in mind. It takes an approach that considers all factors of your website into account to meet your business objectives.

Our strategies are implemented with a holistic approach with all aspects of your online presence in mind. Your SEO campaign goes beyond keywords with on-page execution, backlinks that drive growth, trust factors, site speed, security and more.

We coordinate and stay in the loop with you on your website changes, content you’re making, plans for new products and services and more. This allows us to help you grow beyond your SEO campaign and reach new heights for your business.

SEO Pillars

All of our strategies are based on these 5 pillars and together they lead to world class SEO campaigns.



All of the elements on your page are considered for search engines with titles, descriptions, and the content being optimised for a user search. Aligning the titles and content on your page towards a common goal allows your campaign to reach new heights.


User Experience

Google is all about serving users the best experience possible when they make a search. Optimising your on-page user experience includes easy menu navigation, page speed, responsiveness, and making it easier for users to get to where they want to go on the site.



Search engines see your website as code, not like a regular person would visually when visiting your site. Optimising this code behind the scenes allows search engines to have an easier time reading your site at a foundational level.



Technical SEO are important signals to search engines to signal that you’re trustworthy. These include utilising a HTTPS website, security and SSL certificates, user friendly 404 pages, redirects, domain authority, domain age and more.



Backlinks are the driving force behind search engine performance and are viewed by search engines as a signal that you’re an authoritative figure in your industry. High quality backlinks increase your domain authority and show that other websites trust you. 




For startups and small-sized businesses who are new to SEO

$ 695
Per Month
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No Lock In Contract
  • 1x Target Page
  • Standard Backlink Profile



For medium sized businesses who are looking for fast growth

$ 1095
Per Month
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No Lock In Contract
  • 1x Target Page
  • Advanced Backlink Profile



For large sized businesses looking to scale and dominate their industry

Per Month
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No Lock In Contract
  • Multiple Target Pages
  • Premium Backlink Profile


Our Process


Our account managers are passionate about helping businesses grow and we take the time and effort to learn about you and your needs. Our initial discussions would go over your business, your niche, your objectives and aligning our goals to work towards a partnership that sees your business thrive.


We benchmark where you’re currently at when you come on board and our team will put together an intelligent strategy to bring you strong organic growth. This benchmarking takes your business objectives, your future digital marketing plans as a whole and more when we craft our approach to your campaign.


Our digital marketing team will work on implementing your campaign and start the building blocks for your business’s future growth. No two websites are the same and we note down all changes we make and test and optimise to get you the best results possible.


We report to you every month on your campaign and our talented account managers always keep you in the loop on how things are going and the exciting plans we have in store for your business. Not only do we provide you with transparent communication, but we also continually work and optimise on your campaign to help your long term growth.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website for Search Engines like Google. This process of SEO allows your website to be ranked higher on Google when a potential customer is making a search which can bring you increased targeted traffic.

SEO can also increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) and build trust for potential customers that see you in Google. So you can improve your rankings and receive more impressions, as well as improve the percentage of people that actually click through to your website.

Search Engines like Google work on a ranking algorithm which takes into consideration your On-Page (such as keywords, titles, and your content), your Off-Page (backlinks going to your site, local SEO, etc) and also your Technical Optimisation as well (security, page speed, user experience etc.)

These factors provide signals to Google that your website is relevant to a person’s search and will provide the best possible user experience when they click through to your page.

SEO packages are pre-made packages that have set price points and usually follow the same parameters of services. These packages are also able to be tailored by some agencies such as SEO Advantage.

Packages like these allow businesses to see what price points and services are available when starting with a business before they get in touch.

The cost of SEO packages and services can vary depending on what’s included. SEO packages also take into account your goals and how much you’d like to grow or how fast you’d like to achieve these goals. Our SEO services start at $695 per month and increase to *price* per month for our Professional package and we offer tailored pricing for our Enterprise package.

Our SEO pricing takes into account the work and time being put into a campaign. So adding more target pages, keywords etc requires custom pricing.

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