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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for attracting more traffic to your website. A strong SEO strategy will help you appear at the top of search engines… skyrocketing both leads and customers.

With 40% of clicks going to the first result, you need an SEO agency that actually delivers on their promises. Our local team of digital marketing specialists have years of experience ranking websites high in the Google search engine. We work hard to provide sustainable results – no ‘smoke and mirrors’, no black hat strategies and no cutting corners.

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Want to know why SEO is so powerful? Because traffic from organic search results is the highest-converting traffic online. You’re more likely to convert browsers into buyers by ranking for your chosen keywords than using any other method.

In other words, effective SEO not only means more people coming to your website – it also means more people buying your products or services. A LOT more. You’ll be able to skyrocket revenue and scale your business to dizzying new heights.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

Competitor Analysis

We analyse and compare all of your competitors currently ranking at the top of the search engine results for your chosen keywords – then we reverse engineer a detailed, extensive strategy to beat them.

Strategy / Implementation

Every website is different, which is why every SEO strategy should be different too. Rather than using cookie-cutter solutions, we optimise each website around their business model to maximise leads and revenue.


We are confident in our work, so we don’t hide behind yearly contracts. We work month by month, which pressures us to consistently provide amazing results. If you aren’t happy with our results, feel free to leave at any time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Stay in the loop with a detailed report of all keyword ranking improvements and work completed every month. We keep you informed on your monthly traffic, Google My Business visits and website conversions. See the results first hand.

Legally ‘Steal’ Traffic From Your Competition
By Ranking Higher On Google

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Did you know that 87% of smartphone owners use a search engine every single day? That means hundreds or even thousands of people searching for a business just like yours. If it’s not your website they click on, it’s almost certainly your competition.

Search engine optimisation allows you to appear as high up on Google as possible – where the vast majority of searchers click. You can gain a secret advantage over your competitors and steal potential customers from under their nose.

Image of search engine optimisation (SEO) services

"I’ve tried SEO companies in the past with no success, but within the first three months of our campaign the team at SEO Advantage doubled our traffic and is bringing us a new lead almost every day. Can’t recommend them enough!"

James Vella
Head of Marketing

Finally, An SEO Agency In Australia That
Delivers On What They Promise

There are dozens of SEO agencies in Australia who ‘guarantee’ results but fail to deliver. They target low-volume keywords that might bring in a few clicks (if you’re lucky)… but none of these clicks result in more sales for your business.

At SEO Advantage, we don’t waste time with worthless keywords – instead we deliver tangible results that actually generate you an ROI. You’ll boost traffic to your website and, more importantly, increase the profitability of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of optimising your website to increase traffic through organic search results. Search engines prioritise relevant and authoritative sites, and SEO is structuring your website to meet those requirements. On average over 40% of clicks goes to the first result, so working with the best SEO service provider is crucial.

A standard SEO agency charges a flat monthly fee with an annual binding contract, which depends on the package you choose. The total price is calculated through link expenditure, hours spent on the campaign per month, and keywords targeted.

We customise our pricing structure to fit the specific requirements of each client and their company. All businesses and industries are different, which is why it is best to speak to one of our digital marketing consultants to get a better idea of your requirements and receive a competitive quote.

SEO is a slow process, but as a long term investment it is very cost effective. After a few months it should start to bring profit which builds up over time. However, if you need immediate results we recommend a hybrid approach with our Google Ads & PPC service.

For more information contact one of our search engine optimisation specialists.

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