Google Analytics Setup.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool used to track and report on traffic from your business’s website. It allows you to evaluate how your products, marketing, and online content is performing.

While it can effectively increase your online presence, it can be quite complex to set up if you’ve never done it before. Our team will set up your Google Analytics account and provide you with guidance on how to best utilise the tool.

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Google Analytics allows you to track an endless amount of traffic sources, so you’ll always be in the loop about who’s visiting your website, as well as essential metrics about their behaviour.

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There’s nothing worse than being tied down. Once we activate your account, there are no strings attached or hidden fees. We offer a one-time cost that gets the ball rolling on your online presence.


We’ve set up Google Analytics accounts for hundreds of clients. Our team is well-prepared to create a strategy that will work for your particular business and specific niche.


We collaborate on a Google Analytics setup strategy that works best for your business. As a result, we believe following up and discussing progress is vital to your brand’s growth.



The most important thing to remember about how we set up your Google Analytics account is that we cater to your unique business. Our team is prepared to adapt our setup service to suit your company’s specific needs and product/service offering.

Every visitor to your website is a potential sale or new customer lead, and if not tracked correctly, could lead to low conversion rates. Utilising Google Analytics effectively allows you to make necessary changes to your website to increase conversions.

While you can set it up yourself, you may not have the time or expertise needed to do it properly. Reach out to us today, and allow our specialists to do it for you. This way, you can focus your attention on other aspects of your business.

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Google Analytics involves a lot of complex coding and configuration. During our initial consultation with you, we don’t bore you with the technical side of how Google Analytics works. Rather, we take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business. We’ll ask questions to get an idea of your business’s operations and marketing goals. From there, we’ll establish events and campaign goals to help you improve your website performance and digital marketing campaigns.

With a better understanding of how your company works and what needs to be done to improve its online presence, we will set up and configure your new Google Analytics account. During this step, we will enable you to keep up with important data like: AdWords PPC integration; Goal tracking; Event tracking; KPI (key performance indicators) tracking

Once we have set up your Google Analytics account, we will perform a test to ensure you’re on the right track. Our team takes pride in helping you increase your online presence. We want to make sure we meet your company’s marketing needs and exceed your growth expectations. We’ll help you analyse data and make any suggestions that are deemed necessary. You can trust our team to be right there with you through every step of the Google Analytics setup process.


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