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Our Content / Copywriting service helps your business find its unique voice. We create clear, powerful and persuasive copy that connects to your audience and convinces them to buy your product or service. By choosing the wrong words, you could potentially miss a ton of business opportunities and new customers. Or even worse, damage your reputation. That’s where our team of writers come in. We write satisfying and creative content that connects with your audience and helps you express exactly what you want to say. It still sounds like you – just the best version.

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Persuasive Content Writing Which
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By using compelling copy and content, your business will stand out in a crowded marketplace. Statistics show that great content gets 3x more leads than average content. It’s just like marketing gurus say, content is king.

Every word you publish is a chance to interact with a potential customer. From punchy one-liners to clear, detailed information, SEO Advantage will help you bring out the best in your business. Don’t let your message fall on deaf ears when it could be heard by thousands of people far and wide.

Our Content Marketing Services Include


Engaging and action-focused writing that makes your business sound professional. This includes websites, landing pages, ads, newsletters, sales emails, product descriptions, social media posts and more.

Content & Creative Writing

Get content that helps connect your business with your audience. This consists of website articles, blog posts, video scripts and eBooks. We deliver content that your readers want to read.


Use our team to polish your writing to professional standards, making it engaging, clear and error-free. This helps you leave a positive first impression and ensures your business sends out your intended message.


Our SEO focused content will help improve your search engine rankings and has an easier time ranking. Our writing is keyword rich, Google-friendly and, most importantly, loved by your customers!

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Our Expert Copywriting Services

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Truly great copywriting connects with your target market. Potential customers will read your website and feel like you know them inside and out. You have a clear understanding of their problem and know exactly how to solve it – quickly and effectively.

Poor copywriting leaves potential customers confused and uninspired. Instead of buying your product or service, they’ll head straight to your competition. Our copywriting services can make you king of your industry, driving more leads and more sales to your business than you’ve ever had.

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"SEO Advantage has been wonderful for our startup business. Their copywriting service has really helped launch our business and connect to our readers. We will definitely be using them in the future!"

Sam Harrington
Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Attract Crowds Of New Customers All Begging
To Buy Your Product Or Service

Whether you want a blog article that drives crowds of traffic to your website or a landing page that converts like crazy, our team of writers can meet the needs of your business. Why waste time and energy trying to do it yourself when you can have a proven expert do it for you?

You’ll not only make more money per written word, but you will also free up time to focus on other areas of your business. You’ll need it, too – because our copy will be so persuasive you’ll have a line of new customers stepping over each other to hire you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A copywriter creates clear and compelling copy which is used to advertise promotional material. This can include websites, emails, landing pages, product descriptions, product descriptions, newsletters and more. The text written is known as “copy”. It’s purpose is to get the reader to take action and engage with your brand or business. Website copywriting services is best used in conjunction with Search Engine Optimisation to convert new traffic.

Our website copy writing services caters to your target audience, providing high quality content which helps generate more sales and clients to your company. 

A content writer creates online content, such as blog posts, e-books, podcast scripts, video scripts, sales copy, article writing etc. This style of writing focuses on being well-written, creative, researched and most importantly, targeted towards the intended audience.

If you're looking for high quality content from local writers in Australia, contact our content marketing agency today.

The main difference between content and copywriting is the motive behind it. Copywriting is used for promotional advertising, while content writing is meant to engage the reader. Both are used with the intentions of selling products or services, but copywriting is a more direct approach while content writing is an indirect approach.

For more information about our content writing services and how we help businesses grow, get in touch with one of our writing specialists.

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