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Google Ads & Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest method to boost your online traffic and accelerate business growth. It’s digital marketing that delivers instant results – you’ll reach potential customers searching for your product or service in just a few days.

By using Google Ads or other PPC traffic sources, you stay ahead of your competitors and proactively find customers… rather than sitting around waiting for them to find you.

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What makes Google Ads and PPC marketing so powerful is scalability. You can test the ads in a small sample and ensure every detail is optimised for converting browsers into buyers. Once you find a winning formula, you can increase the scale and watch as the sales flow in like clockwork.

Our expert team leads the way in PPC services and Google ads management in Australia. We can launch a laser-focused
campaign that helps grow your business as fast as possible.

Our Google Ads & PPC Services Include

Endless Traffic Sources

Our PPC specialists have experience with a variety of Ad & PPC services, such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Native Advertising, Remarketing and more, letting you choose the best option for your business.

Strategy / Implementation

We work with you to deliver your most profitable keywords and create a custom strategy that’s tailored towards your campaign, optimising it for the highest conversion rates and ROI.

No Lock-In

We will never lock you into long term contracts. We are confident in our results, so our month-by-month agreement lets you leave at any time. This puts pressure on us to stay on top of your campaign, and ensures you get results.


Receive monthly detailed reports so you can keep track of click through rates, conversion rates, clicks, monthly spend, leads/sales and more. Watch your conversions and click through rate go through the roof as we optimise your listing.

Which Google Ads Campaign Is Best
For Your Business?

It is vital to choose the best Google Ads campaign to suit your business. Whether you are a small business or an ASX listed
enterprise, we can build a custom strategy to crush your business goals.

Search Ads

Text ads that appear on the search results page. This is the best ad format whether you're looking to generate leads, boost sales or increase site traffic.

Display Ads

Banner ads that appear across different Google-owned platforms. It is most suitable for raising awareness and consideration.

Shopping Ads

Product listings ads that appear on the Google Shopping tab of the search results page. This is suitable for online stores with a sizeable product inventory

Video Ads

Video ads that appear during YouTube videos. Similar to display ads, it is most suitable for raising brand awareness, but with an interactive and direct approach. 

Performance Max Ads

A goal-oriented campaign utilising a variety of different ad formats. This is the best option for small businesses with a tighter budget to generate leads or sales. 

Remarketing Ads

Banner or video ads used to re-engage users that have previously visited your website. Combine this option with other ads campaigns for maximum results.

Imagine… A Fresh Wave Of Traffic
Coming To Your Website Tomorrow

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SEO, building a brand, social media… these are all highly effective marketing strategies, but they take time. They have a long-term outlook which ensures sustainable business growth...but what about now?

Our PPC and Google Ads services allow you to jump the queue. Inside the next week, you could have a wave of potential new customers flooding to your website – every single of them a qualified lead who is ready to buy. That’s what makes PPC marketing such an incredibly powerful strategy.

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"The team at SEO Advantage have been BY FAR the best digital agency I have ever worked with. They’re always ready to answer my questions and our Google Ads continue to deliver great results. Highly recommend!"

Angie Walker
Digital Marketing Executive

Why Right NOW Is The Best Time To Invest In
Google Ads & PPC Services

Recent statistics show 46% of internet users can’t tell the difference between paid ads and organic results. That’s because targeted ads are becoming smarter and harder to recognise. There has literally never been a better time to invest in PPC advertising than right now.

Of course, you still need to devise and implement an effective strategy. Our expert team can monitor your progress, then use data to fine-tune your campaign and improve results. We’ll optimise for conversions, not clicks, to minimise your total cost and maximise your profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a type of digital marketing in which advertisers will charge a fee each time their ad is clicked. This varies from webpage banners to suggested articles. The most common is paid search results, such as Google Ads or Bing Ads.

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, are clickable ads in the search results, which look similar to an organic search result. It is displayed above organic search and Google My Business results. It has multiple targeting options including keywords, locations, user behaviour, etc.

If multiple businesses are bidding on the same keyword, Google will create an auction to determine which ad is shown. This is decided through two factors: maximum bid and quality score.

PPC has a fee every time someone clicks an ad. It can provide very fast results, often appearing immediately after purchase. It can be used as a short-term or long-term marketing strategy.

Search engine optimisation is displayed as an organic search result. There is no cost to display or click on the listing, but the results are often much slower than paid search and is seen as a long-term marketing strategy.

For more information contact one of our Google Adwords Management specialists.

As one of the leading Google Adwords agencies in Australia, we offer add-on services to our Adwords Management that can further improve your conversion rate, such as creating landing pages or even a brand new website. This can lower your cost per click on your paid search campaigns, and will help your website bring more conversions.

When you're working with a PPC management agency, you get a whole team of marketing professionals to actively work on your campaign and dedicated to providing meaningful results. An agency can take care of everything for you, letting you focus on your business. This can also be a better investment as opposed to hiring an in-house employee, as you will have a whole team on hand for a fraction of the cost.

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