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Our SEO reseller program gives you a team of expert SEO technicians to help you offer SEO to your clients. As a leading white label SEO service provider in Australia, our SEO reseller service is fully flexible to the requirements of your agency and allows you to deliver outstanding results while we do all the grunt work. Fully supported with a dedicated Account Manager as well as detailed monthly reporting to provide your clients. Speak with us about your requirements by calling 1300 707 660.

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Some of the benefits you will receive when working with Australia's best reseller / white label SEO provider.

Highly Experienced Team

We have a highly experienced team of SEO professionals that deliver real, tangible results for your clients. We target competitive keywords which delivers high value traffic to your client's websites.

Your Needs Come First

Our White label SEO service is customised to fit your agency's and client's needs. We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional technical work, so you can take full credit for the results.

Passive Income

Earn passive recurring revenues from your SEO service offering while we do all the hard work. All you need to do is close the initial sale with your client, and let us take care of the rest

Detailed Reports

Work with a dedicated account manager who is ready to answer any questions you may have, and receive monthly reports with all completed works for your website as well as ranking improvements.



In the modern day era of digital marketing, SEO has become a vital role in helping businesses improve their online visibility. With over 70% of marketers agreeing SEO is the key to online success, it's no wonder so many websites are now turning to SEO to help them dominate their industries and marketplaces.

By working with SEO Advantage, you can rest assured knowing that your clients will get significant ranking improvements which will generate valuable customer traffic to their websites. Boasting only 5 star reviews, and with hundreds of clients serviced, our agency provides proven results that you can confidently present to your clients as a white label provider.

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An SEO reseller program is when an SEO agency provides specialised SEO services to other agencies or businesses, usually behind the scenes – hence the name ‘white label.’ All aspects of the SEO campaign are managed in-house by the SEO agency so that the re-seller doesn’t need to get involved in the complex technical work. The reseller typically gets charged a fixed amount by the SEO agency, and then they resell the service on to their own clients for a profit.

White label SEO is also known as private label SEO and involves an SEO agency forming a partnership with an SEO reseller. All SEO works carried out, as well as the reporting, is provided in a ‘white label’ report with the resellers logo and branding. This allows the SEO reseller to give the impression to their clients that they did the SEO work.

1. Determine if your clients require SEO.
2. Work out what you think you can charge for the service.
3. Speak to agencies about their SEO reseller programs.
4. Partner up with an agency that meets your requirements.
5. Promote SEO services to your client base.

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