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Social Media Advertising is a most cost-effective way to drive more customers to your business. With over 95% of Australian millennial’s owning a mobile device, and the average number of users for social media networks increasing every year, social media advertising is becoming more and more crucial incorporate into your marketing plan.

We work with Facebook and Instagram ads to take advantage of their large number of daily users which we target for high conversions for your business.

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Brand Visibility

Social media advertising allows your brand or business to be discovered instantly by thousands or even millions of potential customers at the press of a button.

Strategy / Implementation

Customers like to buy from businesses they recognise and trust. Social media advertising allows customers to engage with you on a personal level.

Social Proofing

Seeing that other users have interacted with your posts and ads makes potential customers feel more inclined to purchase your goods or services.

Comprehensive Reporting

We keep you in control with our detailed monthly reports so you can see impressions, click through rates, conversion rates and your monthly spend.



Social media advertising has the largest number of potential customers, with a total of 3.2 billion social media users reported in 2019. No other form of marketing can reach 42% of the world’s population.

We use a combination of A/B split testing, professional copywriters and UX designers to perfect every detail of your campaign. By creating a large number of experimental ads before pushing your finalised ad live, we ensure high ROI right off the bat, every time. We then review your ad every week, using the data we have collected to discover any potential changes for an even better result.

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Facebook ads are targeted clickable ads that look similar to organic Facebook posts or stories. The posts are pay-per-click (PPC) in which Facebook charges you a set price every time your ad is clicked. In order to set up a post, you need a Facebook page. There are a large number of targeting options, such as location, demographics, interests, behaviours, etc. You can choose to post your ads as a post, story, messenger or through their audience network (some of Facebook’s partners).

Instagram ads are similar to Facebook ads, and as such you must have a Facebook page, as well as an Instagram business profile. You can have the same targeting options as Facebook ads, and they are also PPC. There are five types of Instagram Ads:
1) Photo Ads;
2) Video Ads;
3) Carousel Ads
4) Slideshow Ads
5) Stories Ads.

Social media advertising is a fast and affordable strategy for more traffic. It gives immediate results and can be targeted towards users who are more likely to purchase your product or service. It is also an effective way to promote brand awareness and boost credibility. However for the best results we recommend a hybrid approach using our search engine optimisation services.

There is no number set in stone for the amount to spend on social media marketing and advertising. The cost is calculated through number of clicks you are after, cost per click, and your social media agency’s hourly charge. At SEO Advantage we only offer Facebook and Instagram ads, which make our services much more efficient and affordable than other social media agency.

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