SEO for Small Business.

SEO for small business is an imperative part of any successful marketing plan. By utilising a strong SEO strategy your business will show up at the top of search engines, which in turn, will drive more customers calls and online enquiries. Most potential customers won’t browse past the first page of Google’s search engine results, so it’s important to make sure your website appears at the top. That’s why working with an SEO agency with a proven history of first page ranking results is paramount to the success of your campaign.

Our team of SEO professionals have years of experience successfully providing small businesses with strong performing SEO campaigns relevant to their products and services. Our work is all done in-house right here in Australia, and we never outsource or cut corners. Instead, we provide proven results from a strong understanding of our client’s business and targeted customers.

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Competitor Investigation

We compare your website with the top ranking competitors with your chosen keywords in Google, then reverse engineer and devise an extensive SEO strategy to beat them.

Customised Strategy

Every SEO strategy we create is tailored towards your website and business. Our experienced SEO specialists optimise your website based on your company’s industry to maximise ROI.

Month-By-Month Contracts

Most SEO companies try to lock their clients into yearly contracts. We believe you should be able to review us every month, to ensure that we continue to get you results and to make sure it works for you.

Detailed Reports

Watch your business grow. We report all completed works for your website as well as ranking improvements each month, keeping you up to date with the progress of your campaign.



SEO is quickly becoming a vital role in marketing strategies for local businesses. With 86% of consumers saying that they rely on the internet to find a local or small business, working with a team of SEO experts is no longer an idea to dabble with, but a necessity.

A lot of small businesses have had poor experiences with other SEO agencies in the past. These agencies trap clients into yearly contracts with “promises” of first page results but secretly target low volume uncompetitive keywords that will never bring valuable traffic or translate into leads or sales. The core of our success is our relationship with clients, which is why we are 100% transparent with our work and deliver results that helps grow your business.

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There is no “standard” price for a small business SEO service. Most SEO companies have set prices based on keywords chosen, hours spent on the campaign, or backlinks/content created. If the work is outsourced it can be very cheap but will lead to poor results, and most bigger agencies who do the work in-house will ask for thousands per month as a minimum.

At SEO Advantage we work with you to create a customised SEO campaign for your business. This is chosen through a large number of variables such as keyword difficulty, competition, and number of pages optimised. An affordable SEO spend is the smallest amount you can afford that will bring results. Contact one of our small business SEO consultants to find the right price for you.

SEO helps businesses reach more potential customers organically through the search engine rather than paying for every click from services such as Google Ads. By using the right keywords and working with the right team, you can target potential customers who are already searching for your product or service.

In comparison to other marketing methods, statistics show that inbound leads (such as SEO) ends up costing 61% less than outbound leads (such as cold calling).

SEO is often seen as a slow process, but a cost effective long term investment. The length of time needed for your business to reach the first page of Google depends on the strength of your website, and strength of your SEO campaign.

Our SEO services can often see strong search engine results in the first few months, but some websites may take longer. We aren’t Google, and cannot put an exact number on how long it will take, but our experience delivers faster results than our competitors.

However, if you need results straight away then we recommend a hybrid approach combining our SEO services with our Google Ads & PPC service.


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