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Google Ads & Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest method to boost your online traffic and accelerate your business. This method of instant advertising allows you to reach potential customers that are actively searching for your product or service. By utilising our data-driven approach, your business will see immediate results even within the first week.

By using Google Ads or other PPC traffic sources you can stay ahead of your competitors and proactively find customers rather than waiting for them to find you.

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Endless Traffic Sources

Our PPC specialists have experience with a variety of Ad & PPC services, such as Google Ads, Google Display, Native Advertising, Remarketing and more, letting you choose the best option for your business.

Strategy / Implementation

We work with you to deliver your most profitable keywords and then create a custom strategy that is tailored towards your campaign, optimising it for the highest conversion rates and ROI.

No Lock In Contracts

We never lock you into long term contracts. We are confident in our results, so our month-by-month contract lets you leave at any time. This puts pressure on us to stay on top of your campaign, and ensures you get results.

Comprehensive Reporting

By providing you with monthly detailed reports you can keep track of click through rates, conversion rates, monthly spend, total sales and more. Watch your conversions and click through rate increase as we optimise your listing.



With targeted ads becoming smarter and harder to recognise, there has never been a better time to invest in PPC advertising. Recent statistics show that 46% of users on the internet can’t readily distinguish the difference between paid ads and organic results.

We monitor your progress using detailed performance tracking and then apply the data we have collected to further refine your campaign. By optimising for conversion and not clicks, we minimise your total cost and maximise your profits

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PPC (Pay Per Click) is a type of digital marketing in which advertisers will charge a fee each time their ad is clicked. This varies from webpage banners to suggested articles. The most common is paid search results, such as Google Ads or Bing Ads.

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, are clickable ads in the search results, which look similar to an organic search result. It is displayed above organic search and Google My Business results. It has multiple targeting options including keywords, locations, user behaviour, etc.

If multiple businesses are bidding on the same keyword, Google will create an auction to determine which ad is shown. This is decided through two factors: maximum bid and quality score.

PPC has a fee every time the ad is clicked. It can provide very fast results, often appearing immediately after purchase. It can be used as a short-term or long-term marketing strategy.

Search engine optimisation is displayed as an organic search result. There is no cost to display or click on the listing, but the results are often much slower than PPC and is seen as a long-term marketing strategy.

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