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Most businesses understand the importance of a strong web presence, and may even know that SEO is one of the keys to getting there. But most don’t have the time or expertise to navigate the ever-changing world of search algorithms and web content.

So, they turn to advertising agencies and digital marketing firms to create websites, write blogs, run social media accounts, and hope that SEO is part of the deal.

But the truth is that even some marketing agencies aren’t equipped to generate the amount of quality content needed to climb up the search results. SEO is an art, and
there aren’t many people who have truly mastered it.

If you own a digital marketing business, you might feel that your agency isn’t equipped to deliver the results your clients deserve. The solution: reselling SEO services to white label providers.


White label SEO brings in qualified digital marketers to handle organic SEO services without you having to hire in-house – or create a separate department dedicated solely to putting out a massive amount of high-quality SEO content.

So, while there are a lot of reasons to turn to white label SEO, all are geared toward benefiting your business’s bottom line. Let’s take a look.


Anyone who understands the importance of SEO also knows that it’s very complex and takes a lot of time to learn. In fact, the more you learn about it, the more you realize that it’s much more than using a few keywords and creating scannable content.

Becoming an SEO expert takes a lot of time and effort, which is why there are so few outstanding ones out there. Even if you have a good grasp of it, search algorithms are always changing, and it takes a lot of skill and experience to realize when those changes are happening – and what to do to address them.

Can you throw together an in-house team to focus on SEO? Sure, and with enough time, they may even start to see results. But how much time are they going to have to put in to become experts? Are your clients going to be happy with sub-par results while your team learns the ropes?

Turning to an agency that focuses on SEO—and already has plenty of experts on staff—is a much faster way to deliver for your clients. And to set up white label SEO, all you have to do is get in touch with the right agent. That saves your staff time – while also delivering results to your clients.


As mentioned, white label SEO is a quick and easy way to provide expert services to your clients, saving you the time of hiring your own team or waiting for your current employees to crack into SEO mastery. But that’s not the only thing you gain. Profits increase, too.

You might be wondering what your business will gain financially if you’re reselling SEO to another agency.

First, you save on costs. You don’t have to hire additional employees, nor do you have to provide your current employees with the vast amount of tools they need to track, analyze, and manage SEO. In the end, outsourcing SEO may cost significantly less than building an in-house department. Think of how much you’ll save over the years in employee salaries alone.

The time you save ends up increasing profits as well. Instead of spending years learning SEO, your employees can grow other parts of your business. And, since you can deliver high-quality SEO content faster with your white label SEO collaborators, clients will see results more quickly. This grows your agency’s reputation, which justifies charging more for exceptional service.


Now that your reputation is growing and your employees have some time dedicated to growing your business, your agency can focus on finding more clients. SEO is essential, and once your clients know that your agency can deliver the marketing services you’re already known for as well as SEO marketing, they’ll see you bring the whole package.

Further, you never know how much digital marketing business you were losing because potential clients preferred someone with SEO expertise. Now that you can deliver the goods, your agency is much more attractive to a broader range of clients.

Introducing new services is important for marketing agencies because it shows that you’re dedicated to keeping up with the ever-changing industry. This not only attracts new clients, but it also gives your current clients another service option – and your agency an opportunity to possibly increase profits, all without having to bring in any new clients at all. 


If you already delivered good results to your clients, you probably have a good relationship with them. But when you tell them that you’re capable of giving them even better results, they’ll be willing to give you and your white label SEO a chance.

A good way to ease into providing white label SEO services is to offer it to current clients first. If you already have a good relationship with them, they’re likely to give you a shot to prove yourself. Once they start to see results, they’ll trust you even more, and you’ll have proof that your agency can deliver in this area.

The easiest way to get current clients on board is to offer a monthly contract. This demonstrates confidence that your clients will see results each month and reduces the risk your clients face in the off chance things don’t work out.


We touched on this a little already, but you may be missing out on clients that want to work with someone who can take care of all areas of digital marketing, including SEO. You might even have current clients who are shopping around for another agency because they want to work with someone that can do everything.

When you’re able to offer a full package to your clients with each part being managed by someone who does it best, you make things easier for everyone. Your clients get all their needs satisfied by a single agency, and you can offer expert services across all areas of digital marketing.

A lot of agencies don’t understand the hole that is left by not offering expert SEO services. Reselling SEO services is the fastest, easiest way to deliver a full package to current and future clients, making your agency more attractive and improving its reputation.


Even though you’re reselling SEO services, your agency gets the credit for delivering results for your clients. You and your SEO agency are partners. They’re not competing with you for clients, they’re providing your agency with a service to help it gain even more success.


SEO doesn’t just take a lot of time to learn, it takes a lot of time to maintain. Experts are constantly researching, producing content, analyzing data, and keeping a close eye on results. So they know when to make changes or try another approach.

Passing this work onto an agency that specializes in it allows your business to bring on as many clients as you can handle. Some of them will want SEO services right away, some of them won’t. When you need to, call on your SEO partner. Remember, this is what they do. They’re not worried about any of the other services your agency offers, so they’re there when you need them without affecting the rest of your business. 


Running any business is stressful. When you know that your SEO services are covered by a qualified, expert agency that you can rely on to deliver results, that’s a whole area of services that you don’t have to worry about. Focus on keeping the other parts of your business running smoothly. Your SEO is covered.


SEO is an important part of digital marketing, but it’s not the only part. By using white label SEO, you deliver results to your clients by increasing their web traffic. At the same time, your agency focuses on the aspects of digital marketing that only you can do.

There’s no downside to reselling SEO services. Your agency has more time to focus on other things, including bringing in more business. Plus, you save a lot of money because you don’t have to invest in SEO tools, hire new employees, or wait for an in-house team to become experts.

In the end, your clients get the benefit of working with a digital marketing agency that can deliver everything. And your agency gets the opportunity to expand services and grow its reputation. To use an untechnical term: it’s a win-win.

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