Why Is It So Important To Run An SEO Audit On Your Website?

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When was the last time you ran an SEO audit on your website? Some businesses are on the ball when it comes to auditing their website and they regularly focus on making improvements. Others will admit that they probably don’t do it often enough because of the lack of understanding involved. Then there are those that are new to the game and have not heard the term before. It is never too late to perform an SEO audit and to get into the habit of maintaining your website in good order. It may sound a little intimidating at first but these types of audits are actually important to help grow your business.

Why is IT crucial to perform aN SEO audit ON YOUR WEBSITE?

Don’t think of this in the same way as a financial audit. Think of it as something more akin to an health check of your website’s technical SEO factors. You want to give all key pages a scan to make sure that there are no problems and everything is how it should be from a Google best-practice perspective.

If the SEO audit highlight problems then you can work on solutions for a healthier, more reliable website. SEO agencies can act as a valuable aid here – from measuring traffic and bounce rates, to fixing issues with site maps, backlinks and more. You might end up with a long list of things to fix, but this is a positive step forward for the future growth of your business.

Discover any red flags and possible penalties that might damage your website

This is a crucial place to start, as Google rankings are a vital factor for the success of any website. In fact, Google can make or break a website’s rankings based on its technical SEO flaws. If a penalty should arise with Google, this could lead to a downturn in the amount of traffic to your website.

SEO audits can help identify possible technical penalties as well as the likely causes and solutions to fix them. They can determine if the penalty came from an issue with previously bad SEO work or developmental errors with your site. In some instances, this may come down to inexperienced SEO agencies or developers, and having a better understanding of the situation will help you make the relevant fixes.

You may think that you have a pretty good understanding of SEO practices. You may have worked hard to ensure that you have just enough keywords on your website and location-related content without harming the readability of your site. However, there are sure to be other technical issues that you have missed. Google is very quick to reward websites that are well optimised, so it’s important to do everything you can to give yourself an advantage from your competitors.

Ranking your own website against your main competitors

Your website’s audit is just the beginning when it comes to understanding your place in SEO rankings. It also helps to get a better idea of the health and performance of your website when compared to your competitors. You can see what the highest ranking websites are doing to get ahead of them. You can also see where other websites are failing and learn from their mistakes. An in-depth competitor audit will highlight technical details of their websites, the quality of their content, the backlinks they use, and their use of keywords.

It’s important to partner with an experienced team

An expert SEO team with experience in website audits should be able to guide you through the whole process. You might be tempted to work with an in-house team or even attempt it yourself. And although there are guides available that can help you to cover the basics and make some changes, it will never be as comprehensive as using a specialist. An SEO audit only go as far as the expertise of the person performing it.

The BEST alternative is to work with an SEO agency. This way you can rely on a more experienced team that has a better understanding of the technical aspects of your website. They can offer impartial advice and solutions tailored to your specific website and needs. Some agencies will offer some low-cost options as a way of testing the water with them. If you like the results, then you can engage them for a more comprehensive audit.

Don’t ignore this vital ASPECT OF your website

An SEO audit isn’t always going to provide you with increased rankings. To be honest, the results can quite often take weeks or months to come into effect. However, you want your SEO agency to be thorough and cover everything to give your website the best chance of ranking well. But the sooner you perform an audit on your site, the sooner you can improve the way search engines see it, which should eventually result in better rankings and more traffic.

This is why you should turn to the team of technical experts at SEO Advantage. Our SEO specialists have plenty of experience in auditing websites and delivering results that work for clients. Contact us today so we can help grow your business.