Hiring An SEO Company – 8 Essential Tips

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A well thought out strategy by an SEO company is becoming increasingly important as businesses big and small vie for attention online. As a result, there are hundreds of different companies out here that want to help you with the very best backlinks and SEO-friendly content to enhance your business. Some companies are legitimate businesses with a clear game plan, plenty of expert knowledge and some great resources, but others fall a little short and don’t always have the skills that are needed. The problem for any business is weeding out the good from the bad. To do so, you need to test out prospective providers with a clear criteria to make quick comparisons and eventually compile a short-list. 

Before weighing up their pros and cons, also remember that this is not about the cheapest, bargain offer, it is about being cost-efficientThis means that the more expensive service with the higher potential for results and wider services could make more economical sense. This is a long-term investment where quality matters, not some quick fix. 

Here are 8 important things to remember when choosing the SEO company that is best for your business.

1) Get to know more about their communication skills​

This is a crucial first step – if you cant communicate on ideas and don’t seem to be on the same page about how to move forward with an SEO strategy, the relationship will be doomed from the start. Communication from the first point of contact is vital. Not only are they trying to hook you in with the best sales promises and tactics to get your business on board, they need to show that they have knowledge and expertise in the field. If they can’t explain their plan in a concise way, or show an immediate understanding of the problem, it may be time to move on.

2) Ask them about their 3 month plan

If the company does show some communication skill and an understanding of the problem you put before them, ask them how they will work towards achieving their goals in the fist 3 months of the business relationship as well as about the results that you can expect to see as a client. Some may provide a basic outline that is a little vague while others may have an impressive personalised strategy: both are better than blank faces saying “I’ll get back to you on that”.

3) Ask if the SEO company will provide reports over this time period

If the SEO company has assured you that they have a great strategy for this period and seem to have good communication skills, you still need to be sure that they will follow through on these ideas and deliver on your requirements to a high standard. As this is a long process where results can be slow to be seen, it helps if providers offer regular reports and updates on their progress. If a company has no intention of providing a monthly report to keep you in the loop, move along. Our SEO company is focused on the customer and we have a firm belief that you should always know where your investment is being spent.

4) Ask them what sort of content will you be getting as a result of their strategy

Monthly reports on the progress of the SEO team and their strategies are great, but helpful physical content is a more obvious sign that an SEO provider is working in your favour. Some companies are merely out to provide advice and consultancy; others provide a greater range of services and will provide SEO content such as Google-friendly landing pages. When assessing your options, ask them how much content they will aim to produce. If it seems a little lazy or ineffective, look elsewhere.

5) Ask to see some results

By this point, this evaluation of these potential SEO service providers has been based on promises and negotiations about future content. Before committing to a company, they need to put their money where their mouth is and show you examples of their work. If they have created successful content for other clients on high profile sites, they should be happy to show your their work as a glowing example of what they can do. If they are reluctant, it may mean that they are lacking in experience or skill.

6) Find out how many backlinks will they provide?

SEO is not just about content; backlinks are another crucial part of SEO and the best companies will know how to create strong, optimised organic links that will help you to rank highly. Ask them how many they will produce. Large figures aren’t a good sign. It is better to have a dozen perfect links than hundreds of bad ones that Google will flag up.

7) Ask them how are they going to generate these links?

As we said, quality is better than quantity with these tools. The easy option is to generate a ton of shoddy links from forums and low-end directory listings, but Google won’t stand for this sort of spamming. The better the source, the better the chance of a backlink working in your favour. Ask them which route they plan to take. If they see no problem with the quick fix spam route, they have no respect for your business or your results.

8) Really get to know the business before you sign a deal

The questions and tactics above are all brilliant, basic tools that help to separate the good from the bad in SEO services, but you don’t have to stop there. Create a more detailed questionnaire of important concerns so you can really understand a company’s strategies, business operations, staff and other factors that might affect the results. If they don’t have an answer to the most harmless questions, they may have something to hide.

Making your choice of best SEO quote

Remember that it doesn’t matter if an SEO company falls short in one of two areas, especially if these shortcomings can be rectified and it is easy to communicate with the business. Perhaps they simply haven’t been around long enough to have the experience of some of the bigger names. Disregard all those that show several signs of weakness and create a short-list of the best candidates that compares their pros and cons. It may seem time-consuming, but this methodical process could save you time, money and effort in the long run and lead to some great results.

If this article provided you some useful information on how to get started by choosing the right SEO company, feel free to get in touch with us for a obligation free quote. Our SEO audit will identify your website’s weaknesses and opportunities that when correctly implemented will result in your website ranking higher in the search engines.